Mine “SASA” started the construction of new hydro-mine

General director of the mine “Sasa” Aleksandr Rakov says the new hydro-mine , whose construction should be completed by 2018, means a new life for the mine.

The lead and zinc mine “Sasa” -Makedonska Kamenica started the construction work on the construction of new hydro-mine, an investment worth over six million Euro. Maxim Proforov, Director of development and investment in the mine “Sasa”, says that the new hydro-mine number four is a continuation of the old one and still active.

– The construction of the hydro-mine consists of three parts.┬áThe first part is the construction of diversion tunnel or cracking the diversion tunnel which is in a rock. The Petrova River drainage, which is now on the right, so that these waters have no contact with the new dump site and will go directly into the river Kamenica.┬áThe third part is the initial dam, on which then the slag will be stored and on top of which a new dump site will actually be formed, said Prokhorov.

He noted that this investment is of great importance, and the support from the government means a lot to them because last year they received the concession to expand the exploitation of the mine, for which they have invested additional 20 million euros in order for the mine to survive in the coming years, until 2029 year.

– Conditions have also been created for further underground and surface geological surveys, which will show us what are the future prospects for the mine. In order to have where to store the slag, after the technological process of production of concentrate, it is the main reason why we started the construction of this new hydro-mine, said Prokhorov.

The General director of the mine “Sasa” Aleksandr Rakov says the new hydro-mine, whose construction should be completed by 2018, means a new life for the mine.

– Last year we launched new horizons for excavating mine, and this year it is the construction of a new dump site.Thus we have the conditions for developing a program for the mine until 2029, said Prokhorov. We thank the state authorities and the local government for the support that we have for all our development plans and hopefully with such support the mine will continue to evolve, says Rakov.

The Mayor of Makedonska Kamenica, Darko Mitrevski noted that as a mining town it is important for this sector to flourish, and as a local government besides the investments in mining also the protection of the environment and the human health are significant to them also.

– Together with the Ministry of Local Government we are work actively to ensuring that all environmental standards are met in the construction of these capital facilities, by creating the future and operation of the mine “Sasa” and certainly the municipality of Makedonska Kamenica, said Mitrevski.

Main contractor of the construction of new hydro-mine in “Sasa” is the construction company “Transmet.”